Friday, November 13, 2009

Bitch Popaganda: Complaint Department Edition

Welcome back to another episode of Bitch Popaganda! Listen in as Sara, Jonanna, and Kelsey debate the merits of The Noncomplaining Project, women's happiness, and young people and their darned expressive clothing. You can hear the episode right here on our site, or subscribe to Bitch Media on iTunes and download it there. You can also access our audio files by visiting our page at

Articles discussed in this episode:

- The Noncomplaining Project
- Blue is the New Black (on women's unhappiness)
- World Have Your Say: Anything wrong with this dress? (Featuring our own Andi Zeisler!)
- Austin Couch, Principal Slut-Shamer
- Can a Boy Wear a Skirt to School?

Our faves this week:

- Jonanna is loving Jane Lynch
- Kelsey has mixed feelings about Project Runway
- Sara hearts Declan on Degrassi: The Next Generation (especially those eyebrows):

Thanks for tuning in! As always, leave your feedback in the comments section!